We are Evangelical Baptist Christians. Our church is a visible gathering of people of one faith living the Word of God.

Church exists for the glory of God, cultivating God's people who are ready to carry out God's mission thoughout the world.
We believe in God and believe that He has given us the Holy Scriptures that we should follow all the time. Scripture is both completely human, and completely divine book at the same time. Therefore all that is mentioned therein is taken as a guide to God and a righteous life to serve the Trinity God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is Holy, Almighty, All-Present, Creator. He is the only one worthy of glory and worship. It is God who created heaven and earth, man, faith and the Church.
Our vision of heaven and spiritual world is described on our page The doctrine of spiritual life.
Man is created from dust of the earth in the look and likeness of God, with freedom of will. Man belongs to the physical world (body) and the spiritual world (soul). The true serving of man to the Lord is the righteous life of a man or woman who is christen in adult age with mind, in faith in God's Temple.

God's gift is children born in marriage. Marriage is a union of a man and a woman in front of God. Man is responsible to God for himself and for his family.
This is our vision of the world God created. Our Church of God's Grace is aimed at spreading this attitude to the world according to the Holy Scriptures.

Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Christian Baptists

Written by the All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christian-Baptists council by the request of the ministers and pastors of the churches, it is a continuation of the creeds published by F.P. Pavlov (1906), I.I. Prohanov (1910), and received by the 43rd congress of the Union of Evangelical Christian-Baptists (1985).

Intended for a wide circle of readers, it is designed to inform and acquaint, and does not in any sense replace the Bible -but only explains how it is understood and practiced by the Evangelical Christian Baptists.


Віталій Чернозуб

Chernozub Vitaly

Our aims

People created by God, motivated to worship God and share God's studies with others by:


Preaching the Word of God as the only Holy Scripture to which every person must follow for a righteous life and salvation of the soul.


The manifestation of God's love for every human being and the unity of believers. Love can not exist without good deeds, mercy and respect for everyone.


Worship and glorification of God through the communication of human with God, the continuation of the human race, the dwelling of the earth created by God.

Our values


Bible is the highest authority for the life of the Church and its members behavior


Glorifying God and worshiping Him in all spheres of life


Evangelism as serving the Great Attorney


Effective prayer life

We reach them through